Why tablelands communications for sip trunks?

➜ Cost savings: Your Business benifits from the more affordable connection, rental line fee and call charges than compared to traditional ISDN services.
We charge you for what you use with per second billing on calls^.
➜ Highly Scalable: As your business grows, additional call capacity can be quickly added, and in much less time than the traditional ISDN services. A typical IP Trunk deployment can vary in size, ranging from ten to thousands of trunks.
➜ Robust Architecture: We provide multiple uplinks for national and international connectivity.
➜ Broadsoft: Tablelands Communications SIP Trunks are delivered using the state of the art BroadSoft
BroadWorks® platform. BroadSoft’s platform is used by the majority of large voice carriers around the world
and supports multiple standards including SIPconnect 1.1. SIP Forum’s SIPconnect is an industry-wide standard that
provides direct IP peering between SIP-enabled IP PBXs and VoIP service provider networks.
➜ Failover to a redundant site:T his provides redundancy so if a site is down all your calls will
continue to be delivered to a redundant site
➜ Business Continuity: Supports your disaster recovery strategies, including alternative routing implemented in emergency situations. For example, in the event that calls are unable to reach your site, calls can be redirected to your nominated mobile service.
➜ Number Portability*: Numbers can be easily assigned across a customer’s sites or can be rapidly relocated as number ranges are not tied to SIP Trunks.
➜ 24×7 support desk: Our team of dedicated professionals support the SIP Trunk service.

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